Friday, January 10, 2020

[Food] Daegutang (대구탕, Cod Fish Soup)


[Food] Daegutang (대구탕, Cod Fish Soup)

Cod is one of the most popular kinds of fish in the world with so many recipes. Today I want to introduce you to a classic Korean codfish recipe that Koreans have been eating for hundreds of years. Its Korean name is 'Daegu' which means 'Big Mouth'.

Myeongchun of Hangyeong province is far north of the Korean peninsula and wellknown for pollack, but was originally wellknown for codfish before then. Koreans like to eat codfish as a mild or spicy soup with chopped radish, spring onion, cod intestine, egg etc. The flesh of cod fish is very silky and soft with a chewy taste. Its stock gives a very deep and refreshing flavor. Therefore, people who have a hangover usually eat it for breakfast for relief, and people who love hot, spicy and refreshing soup enjoy it.

A restaurant which specializes in Codfish soup. The wooden sign reads 'Serves Breakfast'

Mild Daegutang with big pieces of cod and radish
Today, there are good daegutang (Codfish soup) restaurants in Seoul, Daegu (same name but different meaning) and Busan. People who love daegutang say meat, intestine and eggs are good but daegu soup is the best part of the dish. As you can see from the above pictures, they give you a bowl full of soup.

Daegutang with rice and side dishes
So if you are a seafood lover or a drinker or someone who enjoys hot soup and are in, or plannning to visit, Korea, how about visiting a fine daegutang restaurant? Hot codfish soup will refresh and warm the depths of your heart :)

Bon Appétit!

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