Monday, November 25, 2019

[HWPL] Photo News - HWPL Media Forum in South Sudan


[HWPL] Photo News - HWPL Media Forum in South Sudan

HWPL hosted 'The 1st HWPL Media Forum' in South Sudan at The Dawn Newspaper Office in Juba, South Sudan, on the 31st of August under the title "The Role of Media for Peace and Development". Journalists, youth leaders and all participants gathered to discuss what they can do for peace and for the spreading of peace culture throughout the country and agreed that the media must promote public peace education and peacebuilding.

The consensus among all participants is that journalists and media have a responsibility to write good news for the community to bring world peace. They agreed that the press should be a tool that encourages and urges citizens to work together for world peace.

Samir Abdalkarim Bol Monok. The Mail CEO

Jukeji Paul. SSBC News presenter

Yonahis Riek Makuach. South Sudan Integrated Development Executive Director


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  1. “We must always remember the great power that the media has to promote war, just as it has to promote peace.” HWPL Chairman Lee✌