Monday, August 12, 2019

[HWPL] A Peace Advocate Delivers 'The True Story of HWPL' to the National Library of Tunisia


[HWPL] A Peace Advocate Delivers 'The True Story of HWPL' to the National Library of Tunisia

The National Library of Tunisia ,Bibliothèque Nationale de Tunisie, @Nawaat/Références

On September 18th 2019, Mohamed Riadh Aissaoui participated in the 4th Anniversary of HWPL's World Peace Summit. Mr. Aissaoui was deeply touched by HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. Chairperson: Mr. Man Hee Lee) and its peace initiatives, so he decided to deliver them to his country's national library when 'The True Story of HWPL' was published.

Therefore, Mr. Aissaoui, director of the UODH (University Organization of Human Development) which co-operates with IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) for world peace, visited Ms. Raja Ben Slama, chief director of the National Library of Tunisia.

Peace advocate, Mr. Aissaoui, explained to her about the peace groups (HWPL, IWPG and IPYG) and the DPCW. HWPL reported that Ms. Slama thanked HWPL for their initiatives, and she is hopeful that the peace initiatives will have a positive influence on the future of humanity.


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  1. Beautiful work. More libraries need to exhibit HWPL's peace works for the global cessation of wars and world peace. My deepest hope is that the DPCW is enacted at the United Nations this year

  2. I think peace comes when we are united.

  3. Hope everyone will hear the peace news. Guys peace is not only for those countries in wars, it is for everyone even tho you've never experienced one, it is not just words on a page! Let's do it together with UN

  4. The book should be made available everywhere

  5. You can be another advocate for peace