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[HWPL] WARP Office meeting Interfaith Dialogue in Seoul - The Truth


[HWPL] WARP Office meeting Interfaith Dialogue in Seoul - The Truth

HWPL 서울 경기동부지부 '불교, 유교, 기독교'대표 발제자들 열띤 토론 / Reporter Wonyoung Jung / June 27th 2019 / Sinah Daily / South Korea

HWPL's WARP Office Seoul-Gyeonggi Eastern branch hosted 'The 23rd Seoul WARP Office meeting' on 24th June under the title 'The Truth (2)' with a panel of Buddhist, Confucian and Christian representatives.

The main question was: 'Does your scripture explain one truth in various ways?'

The Buddhist panel answered: "Buddhism is about a person becoming Buddha. It can be done by ones self or by help from others, but ultimately one has to realize it by oneself."

The Confucian panel answered: "The truth of Confucianism is 'One must improve ones self before teaching others', which has developed and changed throughout Chinese history."

The Christian panel answered: "The reality is that explanations of the Bible are rampant in Christianity. The reason is that God hid the future in a way that is hard to explain. We can only know the truth when HE lets us know it through someone with the Holy Spirit."

Panels who participated in the meeting said they enjoyed a heated and enthusiastic discussion over the topic. Panels also expressed regret that they didn't study more about the truth of their respective scriptures.

HWPL now has 250 WARP Office branches globally for the Alliance of Religions' Peace and WARP Office meetings to achieve world peace.


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  1. In a world where the majority of wars are rooted in religious ideologies, this work of gathering faIth leaders is so important. Thank you, HWPL.

  2. Meeting for peace is considered significant.

  3. いろいろな宗教が集まって会議するのは未来が期待してますね。

  4. 色んな宗教が戦わなく話し合って真理を求めるのが見よいんですね。

  5. 宗教には自由がありますが一緒に話し合うことに驚きました