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[IWPG] Women Shout For World Peace! - IWPG & International Women's Peace Day


[IWPG] Women Shout For World Peace! - IWPG & International Women's Peace Day

IWPG declared April 26th as 'International Women's Peace Day' at the Independence Memorial Hall in Cheonan, Korea, calling for the protection of life on earth through the heart and love of a woman, and to leave peace as a legacy to future generations. International Women's Peace Day was established with the spirit of the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light).

More than 4500 people from Korea and overseas - including Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL, Ms. Hyunsook Yoon (General director of IWPG) and global dignitaries - participated in and celebrated this day with IWPG.

IWPG, '세계 여성 평화의 날' 첫 선포식 열려 / April 30th 2019 / Reporter Sangcheol Lee / Global News Agency / Korea
The Korean press publicised the congratulatory speeches made by Mr. Man Hee Lee and other dignitaries which reported the historical significance of International Women's Peace Day (which I wrote about in my previous article about International Women's Peace Day)

The event featured a 'Peace Letter' video, a peace letter read by Ms.Haeryung Lee (a North Korean defector) to President Moon (President of South Korea), a calligraphy performance and a peace concert.

IWPG '세계 여성 평화의 날' 첫 선포식 개최 / April 30th 2019 / Reporter Jooyong Park / Sinah Daily / Korea

This declaration ceremony was hosted not only in Korea but in 32 countries including the U.S, China, Indonesia, Australia etc. 

IWPG has been operating its 'Peace Letter campaign' with HWPL since March 14th this year. It is an international women's NGO under UNDGC and UN's ECOSOC working to establish a global women's peace network, women's peace education and the spreading of peace culture.

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  1. HWPLとIWPG、もう平和を待つだけじゃなく平和な世界で子供が生きる為に平和を叫びます。

  2. 平和を自分の手で作るのが本当実感できます。