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[HWPL] HWPL Hosted The 5th Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting! - What Religious Texts Tell you about "Creation"


[HWPL] HWPL Hosted The 5th Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting! - What Religious Texts Tell you about "Creation"

On April 20th, HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. Chairman: ManHee Lee) hosted its 5th Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting entitled "What Religious Texts Tell you about 'Creation'". HWPL's WARP Office has been hosting its interfaith dialogue meetings in many world cities in order to foster greater understanding and tolerance among religions to reduce religiously-rooted conflicts.

HWPL's WARP Office meetings are usually held within each HWPL branch where religious leaders are invited to engage in face-to-face dialogue on a topic set by HWPL. HWPL's WARP Offices also regularly hold video conferences for prominent religious leaders living in different continents, helping them discuss topics with one another regardless of 'geographical status'. These online meetings also give more opportunity for viewers to directly ask questions to religious leaders and participate in the meeting.

Since HWPL's first WARP Office meeting in 2014, it has now grown to having 250 offices in 128 countries. Countless religious leaders from all over the world have participated in WARP Offices and promised that they will continue to engage in discussion at the WARP Office to better understand other religions for the cause of world peace.

The topic for the 5th Intercontinental Online WARP Office meeting was "What Religious Texts Tell you about 'Creation'". Religious leaders answered questions about 'creation' using their respective scriptures.

The first question was, "Was the universe made by itself? Or is there a God or entity who created it?"

The Christian, Hindu and Muslim faiths answered 'God created the universe', while the Buddhist faith said, 'Buddhism doesn't know when or where the world began, but it does know that the cycle of creation and destruction repeats itself perpetually. And Karma (retribution for deeds carried out in one's former life) determines that creation's form in the next life.'

The 2nd question the MC asked panelists was, 'Where did the seed of life come from? And from where did life originate?'

Again the Christian, Muslim and Hindu leaders answered, 'It is from One God, who gives life to all creation', but the Hindu leader replied, 'Life is a spiritual cosmos (wave)'. The Christian leader also answered 'Life is God's seed'.

Meanwhile, the Buddhist leader said, 'There are 7 suns in the world. Each sun has been created and destroyed for each time. The 7th is the last sun of the world. And all life, including humanity, keeps changing in form depending on what kind of Karma they have done in previous life per sun.'. The monk also added, 'Only good thinking and behavior can stack good Karma, and this good Karma can change your next life.'.

It was interesting to see the Christian, Hindu and Muslim faiths sharing very similar perspectives, while the Buddhist faith had its own unique theory.

The last question was, 'What do you think about scientific theories and opinions towards creation?'

All panelists agreed that 'Religion and Science can not be compared with one another because they are incompatible. The difference is that religion can guide people onto a good path while science can only explain the principles of nature.'

All religions share similar or different points of view on each topic and question posed, but they were all grateful that they could participate in the WARP Office. Moreover, they said that they wanted to work towards achieving world peace via WARP Office's interfaith dialogue :)

I participated in the meeting online and was very interested to hear each panelist's opinion and see the interaction between panelists and the audience. The audience asked them questions about the topic which panelists kindly answered and explained :)

I thought to myself that, even though we all have different thoughts and beliefs, we can someday become one in the pursuit of world peace through open, kind and peaceful dialogue :)


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  1. I believe that once religions are united, the majority of wars will cease as religious hatred/disharmony is the cause of so many of today's conficts. Thank you, HWPL.