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[HWPL] HWPL's WARP Office, The Way To Peace And Harmony.


[HWPL] HWPL's WARP Office, The Way To Peace And Harmony.

Greetings, Family of Peace! :)

I think I have been talking way too heavy stuff for a while, so I've brought you bright and happy news about HWPL today. If you have visited my blog a few times, you might have read articles about HWPL and its main initiatives regarding the DPCW and its peace campaign. One of HWPL's main initiatives is WARP Office. WARP (World Alliance of Religions and Peace) Office is purposed to achieve world peace through discussion between many world religions seeking the truth from each of their respective scriptures.

This event has been held for many  years and more religions and denominations have been participating. This year, HWPL and WARP Office reported 20 WARP Office discussions in Korea and throughout the world - online discussions included.

WARP Office in Seoul on 30th October 2018.
This year in particular, various Christian denominations have participated in discussions including the Presbyterian church, Seventh Day Adventists, Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, an interdenominational denomination, the Unification Church, Baptist church, Methodist church, Full Gospel Church etc.

At the last WARP Office event, the topic of discussion was 'The end of the world, Matthew chapter 24'. The main themes of discussion were 'What is the role of religious leaders for the peaceful reunification of Korea?' and 'What is the meaning of 'war' in Matthew chapter 24?'.

All panels who participated in the event agreed that all religions have to become one and unified in order to prevent war in the Korean peninsula. 

Mrs. Sunja Kim from the Korean Peace Foundation said, "Peace doesn't belong to any nation, corporation or organization, but to everyone. It is a special gift from the heavens. Let's remove all weapons, armaments and nuclear bombs and pass down a peaceful world to the future generation."

Pastor Hong from the Pentecostal Church said, "The leaders of North and South Korea are cooperating to go on a path others haven't dared to go. Religious leaders have to pray for a successful result."

Pastor Lee from the Presbyterian Church emphasized, "Religious leaders are those responsible for their communities, so they must have a correct historical and future understanding. Religious leaders have to suggest the way to peace and must pray for North Korea to improve."

Lecturer Goh from Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Shincheonji church of Jesus, Chairperson: Mr. Man Hee, Lee) added that "80% of the world's wars are religiously-rooted, so the basis for stopping them is the reunification of religion." Moreover, he advised :

1. Understanding the Bible correctly

2. Choosing the correct interpretation of the Bible through discussion

3. Pastors should receive peace education

4. Signing in support of peace organizations that do real peace work

Following the discussion about peace and the reunification of the Korean peninsula, the panels announced their opinion on the topic and shared their thoughts. The reactions from participatory pastors on the panel were very positive.

Pastors said that "Our purpose is not to obstruct, but to talk to one another", "I hope there will be more peace discussion events like this" and "Shincheonji church of Jesus teaches the correct Biblical knowledge. I don't think it is right to criticize them without knowing what they teach. This kind of opportunity for discussion is very important."

Some people who participated in the audience said, "It would be good if panels can debate more. I want to come again if there is another opportunity" and "the panel from Shincheonji church of Jesus talked very well while other panels talked outside the topic. I would like to join the next event on a panel.".

The director of HWPL WARP Office, Mr. Ik-hyeon, Lim, said "This place is where various religious people can gather to talk to one another. Christians in particular can find the true meaning of God through inter-denomination discussion. However, it is so frustrating when some organizations like CCK (Christian Council of Korea) heavily slander and spread negative rumors about the event so that panels are unable to reveal their identity. In spite of this fact, many pastors are participating on panels with a strong sense of duty. I really hope people can communicate and exchange their knowledge through the WARP Office."

What do you think about the WARP Office and panels? :) I think this is a very effective and peaceful way of achieving peace, gaining understanding of another's topics. I wonder whether there would be any religious conflict or war between nations and religions if all religions talked with one another with good and fair hosts. What do you think? I think I'll join a WARP Office if there are any near me :)


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