Thursday, September 20, 2018

[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : HWPL Supporters ONE! Interview with TVN (National Mozambique Broadcasting Center)


[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : HWPL Supporters ONE! Interview with TVN (National Mozambique Broadcasting Center)

Good day :) Greetings to all family members of peace! As I wrote in other articles, I participated in and experienced the 918 World Peace WARP Summit at Asiade Stadium, Incheon, on the 18th of September with my very own eyes :) as a proud member of HWPL Supporters One.

Want to watch the full video of the 918 WARP Summit? :) Click:

I had a fantastic and hectic day watching all the events and interviewing many people from diverse countries :) Colorful and fabulous parades, and hopeful speeches about peace by participants transported me up to cloud nine XD

One of the most exciting things that I experienced was interviewing reporters from TVN (National Mozambique Broadcasting Center).

Here is the link of related article :)

However, I wouldn't start writing this article if my story with TVN ended here :) Some hours later, while my HWPL Supporters One colleagues and I were struggling with laptops and mobile phones, Mr. Mutawanga and his colleague (Main reporter/journalist of TVN) visited our booth :)

They wanted to interview us (HWPL Supporters ONE) and they wanted to me to have an interview with them because I interviewed them XD

The reporter (Sorry, I didn't ask this gentleman's name :( ) asked me what we were doing, what our purpose was, how many members we were, whether we were trained for the job etc. :)

I blurred faces because of copyright reasons :)

I blurred faces because of copyright reasons :)

Well, I didn't see this coming at all. I never thought this kind of thing would happen in my life :) We were just doing what we are good at and love doing, which is writing articles and spreading and promoting the culture of peace through twitter posts:) It was so exciting to talk about how great our job (Voluntarily spreading and promoting HWPL and DPCW for the world peace) is. It's also been a pleasure that I could introduce our online volunteering activity and the attention given by foreign media that made us all proud of HWPL's peace work :) The interview gave my colleagues and I conviction that what we are doing is the right thing in our lives.

It also gave us confidence that if we keep carrying out our work online, we can certainly help make the reality of world peace and the cessation of war come more quickly in our world :)

I'd like to finish this article with a segment of my interview with them :)

Do you want to say anything before we finish? (The reporter)

- I don't think only special and powerful people have the power to change the world. I think that common people like you and I - yeah, you who are watching this video - have the power to change history.


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