Sunday, September 16, 2018

[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : The 17th's Conferences - HWPL Intercontinental WARP Office Meeting


[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : The 17th's Conferences - HWPL Intercontinental WARP Office Meeting

Greetings! Family members of peace :) The 918 World Peace WARP Summit has already begun since participants' landed at Incheon Airport. Today - 17th September - there are two events that we can watch live. Please refer to the below :)

There are the HWPL Intercontinental WARP Office Meeting and 2018 Conference for the Implementation of the DPCW

Today's 1st event - the WARP Office Meeting - is a meeting of religious world leaders comparing religious scriptures on one topic. Today's topic is:

The WARP Office Meeting's main goal is to resolve conflict between religions, which itself causes 80% of all world conflicts. Therefore, religious leaders will discuss and share what their scriptures say about the topic and questions asked in the meeting. Through this meeting, there can be greater understanding between religions in the hope of a cessation of war and peace between religions and its believers.

Today's HWPL Intercontinental WARP Office Meeting is directly related to some of the articles in the DPCW (The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War), which is HWPL's main initiative due to be introduced to the UN for enactment as a legally-binding law.

I think it is very important to spread and to promote the WARP Office Meeting to religious and civil societies throughout the world to create a culture that searches for the truth. We have to let more and more people know about the WARP Office so that more religious leaders can join the meeting to resolve conflicts between religions throughout the world. When every religion and its believers understand each other, I'm certain that this 80% cause of world conflicts will disappear :)

The meeting's first question is:

Don't you want to know what each religion answered for this question? Moreover, there are more questions and engaging discussions between religious leaders and its believers. Come and join if you are a true believer and someone who hopes for peace :)

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2018 HWPL World Peace WARP Summit Official Homepage

HWPL Intercontinental WARP Office Meeting/What Religious Texts Tell You "About God"


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