Wednesday, May 17, 2017

[HWPL _ IPYG] 3 Major activity contents of IPYG


3 Major activity contents of IPYG

IPYG is an International Peace Youth Group associated with UNDPI and on its way perfecting the promise of peace through Enactment of International Law and Holding the Peace Walk Festival once a year.

(Making a change starts with a movement)

Youth from all over the world will participate in the 525 Peace Walk Festival only once a year and for peace.

2. 525HIFIVE
 (Spread digital love : one hashtag at a time )

* The meaning of 5.2.5

- Hands of the Giver
The first 5 represent the hands of the Giver. It is 'you' the one who is responsible for the action of peace.

- To
The 2 is for the verb 'to' to emphasize the direction.
This is something not contained within just one person but is something to be passed on.
The peace mindedness and the actions of reconnection should affect others.

- Hands of the one affected.
The second 5 represents the hands of the one affected. This other person is now more connected.  Also, they are more alive and more included in the peace movement as a result of this action.

- Action of Peace
HIFIVE is used, just like the young-at-heart action of high fiving, to show the simple fun and pure joy that comes from doing actions of peace.

 (Establish peace, one by one )

Let's Support the Peace Movement!

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