Monday, July 25, 2016

[HWPL news] HWPL Chairman: Laureate of the MAHATMA MK GANDHI PRIZE of this year

[HWPL news] 

HWPL Chairman :  Laureate of the MAHATMA MK GANDHI PRIZE of this year

"The greatest peace prize is peace on Earth and this is the legacy that we should leave to our future generations. This will become the peace prize that will pave the way to the peaceful lives of humanity. I would like to accept this prize as a lesson that keeps me going for the work of peace,"

-Mr. Man Hee Lee, the chairman of HWPL -

“Mahatma Gandhi was not only a leader of India but also a peace activist who awakened the whole world. I would like to extend my word of gratitude to the foundation named after him for bestowing this prestigious award. I would like to share my joy of receiving this meaningful award with the IWPG members and 3.6 billion women of the world. When the light of HWPL and the light of the Gandhi foundation meet, I believe that we will be able to overcome any obstacles before our goal.”

- The chairwoman, IWPG -

“I would like to welcome the laureates to this ceremony, which is held to honor the laureates for their outstanding contributions in the field of peace work. On behalf of Mahatma M.K. Gandhi Foundation for Nonviolent Peace, I salute and honor the greatest peace lovers, Mr. Man Hee Lee  for him achievement following Gandhi’s philosophy and knowledge to promote world peace and development of humanity.”

- Chairman Patasani of Gandhi foundation -

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